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Why Do I Need an Editor?

You’ve just finished your flash fiction, short story, novella, or 150,000-word epic story. Now what? Believe it or don’t, it still needs a bit of work. Beta readers are great (and essential), but they typically won’t catch the things that count.

We can help you with spelling and grammar issues, but will also review your work for clarity and consistency and help strengthen your ideas. We will ensure your work has a logical flow and adjust your thoughts to a more natural cadence. An editor will also look for verb tense agreement, punctuation, formatting, and structure and match your work to a specific style guide upon request. That’s great, but we bring to the table is VOICE–your voice. We will work with you to ensure that edits don’t destroy the tone and feel you are looking to convey in your story.

We can provide line editingcopyediting, or proofreading, depending where you are in your story’s journey. Please check out those links if you’re not sure what your story needs. Or contact us. We’d love to chat about your story.

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